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Carlos Rodrigues da Rocha

Changes for Round 32

Good afternoon players,

I know everyone is disappointed by the recent start of round changes and I can only apologize for that.

This news has two focuses, highlighting all the changes made for Round 32 and a poll for you to decide the start date of the round.

Vote and decide when Round 32 will start

I will close the vote at 19:00 on 04/12.

Changes for Round 32

- Pvp map battle requirements have been reduced in ANBU, Sannin and Hero ranks
- Conviction now removes 100% (from 85%) of enemy focus and perception points.
- Removed half time and interactive missions from the game
- Decreased quest requirement for rank
- Removed all buffs and debuffs from class jutsus
- Removed dodge from equipment attributes
- Agility attribute no longer gives dodge percentage
- Talent tree no longer gives dodge
- Changed Range cooldown from 1 level and 5 levels to 20 days
- Changed to 10 levels the defense range for raid mission combats
- Increased the amount of energy per level by 2 points
- The Agility Attribute now gives hits accuracy
- Special clan skills cannot be trained
- Removed jutsu enhancements for BUFF and DEBUFF type moves from the game
- Equipment packs from previous rounds have been removed to not cause imbalance between accounts.
- Attributes of the 9 Chakra Gates have been adjusted
- 9 Gates of Chakra also gained a special ability (see new clan moves)
- Added unique special abilities in all clans
- Dropped weapons have been balanced to attack all classes